Everfree is a medium sized town that was built around a small keep on a hill. The buildings of Everfree are (almost entirely) made with stone pulled from the Bulwark Mountains, with timber supports. The roofs of Everfree are all brightly colored, but none more so than the roofs of the Central Market.

The Central Market used to be the keep that the city was built around. The keep was abandoned years before anyone living in EverFree can remember, but a couple decades ago the keep was transformed into stores and outdoor stalls. The ramparts that stand on the wall each hold a dark purple pennant with a golden sun behind the head of a Unicorn in the center of it. Only a few shop owners and a small contingent of the Order of the Unicorn make their home in the Central Market.

The streets of the city all lead to the Central Market and out to the fields that surround the city. The streets are paved with old cobblestones in the city and lamps stand on the corners—each lit at dusk by the Lamp Lighters Guild. Visitors to Everfree find that places to stay are plentiful, if eccentric.

The Stone Kettle Inn hosts a magical kettle that never runs out of food. The Burrow Inn is run by a family of gnomes and was built underground—they specialize in mushroom stew. While the Misty Minstrel hosts a ghostly bard on its stage each night.

Everfree rests near the Songuard River, reached on the River Road through the Old Gate, where a small town (in its own right) rests on the banks of the river to receive trade goods and ship Everfree’s famous apples downstream.

Everfree doesn’t have any apple growers, but does have an ancient orchard nearby—the Old Orchard. No one tends the overgrown orchard, but apples are harvested each year—red in the summer and white in the winter. The funds ensure almost all city services are paid for as they are able to ship the fruit year round.

The Old Orchard is also where the children rush to collect apples each spring. During the Spring Rising the children will rush into the orchard at dusk to pick as many apples as they can. Winners get prizes, and the town uses the apples to make dishes celebrating Aharin raising the first sun of spring


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