The dwarves of the world were born as Cimunhe and Bhasei fought the primordial shadows under the earth.  The dwarves were born of the few survivors of those battles and tasked to never forget. The dwarves were given the runes so they could record history honor the names of the dead. The dwarves each took their own rune as a name, and soon these names became the names of the dwarven races, the Kebnegald (Mountain Dwarves), Insaeli (Hill Dwarves), Kengeta (Temple Dwarves.)

The dwarves have no true homelands. The closest they have is the ancient city of Thelbiluon, in Mount Remembrance. The city is deep in the center of the mountain, two major ways allow entry into the mountain. Each entryway is a massive carved door, large enough even the largest war machines to leaves the mountain as needed.

The Mountain Dwarves are hardy folk and live in the deepest dwarven cities. They are the stoutest of the dwarven peoples and their skin is often pale and tinged with grey. Their hair has taken on the color of coal and ash, while they eyes are after the reds and yellows of the forged they work. Mountain Dwarves are the most industrial of the dwarves and while all are fine makers, the Mountain Dwarves specialize in it. They are also very often the last line of defense for their cities, and all mountain dwarves serve in the military for a couple years once they come of age.

The Hill Dwarves are so named for their communities in the foothills of the mountains. Their settlements are often the main trade areas between the dwarven cities and surface world. They have grown slightly taller than the Mountain Dwarves and their skin is often a deep bronze. Their hair comes in shades of blonde, brown, auburn, and black, with their eyes mostly often brown and black. Hill Dwarves are traders, store owners, and work with the other races far more than their mountain cousins. They don’t have to serve as soldiers, but many do go out into the woods and wilds of the world to help protect trade routes and set up trading outposts.

The Temple Dwarves fall in between the heights of the others, and have no cities of their own. Their settlements are within the cities of the other dwarves. They are also the dwarves most likely to travel the world without returning home. Their hair ranges in all the colors of their race and all the other races while their eyes generally range from hazel and green to blue. Temple Dwarves travel more than any of the other dwarves and meet the most people; they are stricken with a wanderlust that pushes them to collect knowledge for the libraries their ancestors created.

Stats: +1 intelligence

Mental Fortitude: Gain advantage on all intelligence saving throws.


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