Legends say that Aharin came to Talmnarohmp during a time of great darkness. Kharn, lord of the moon and night sky, refused to lower the moon. As the sun crested the horizon Aharin walked upon Talmnarohmp. As Aharin and Kharn clashed the sun and moon spun, weaving, through the sky as the stars shone in the bright blue sky. Their battle was a swirl, clouds burned away and froze, day and night had become one as neither sun nor moon rose or set.

In the end, Aharin became the victor and Kharn was locked away in the moon, the sun and moon returned to the skies. The moon had changed and now shone around the dark shadow of a screaming face on the surface.

Aharin did not return to his place in the sky, he chose to stay upon Talmnarohmp and created the city Kalleamwic, within a Valley of the Morning in the Songkeep Mountains. None remember the battle between the gods, and none remember a time before Aharin ruled over the land.

Aharin’s reign has been fair and prosperous for the baronies that cover Talmnarohmp. The roads are often quiet and the monstrous races are rare and primarily contained in the far north by The Wall. Adventurers no longer go into the dark places looking for monsters to vanquish. Those seeking adventure now often work as guides, hunters, and delvers that hire out their talent to academics seeking ancient ruins. No one still drawing breath remembers a time when the world was more dangerous than safe.

One year ago everything changed. The moon shattered.  Ever since that night, the pieces of the moon hangs shattered in the sky and a trail leading towards the world. Each night since the Shattering the largest pieces of the moon rise and hang over the world, and as the destroyed moon rises so come the nightmares. Every night, for the last year, everyone has nightmares. There have been no sweet dreams and no night where children do not wake crying. But, people are hopeful.

The Spring Rising is here; when Aharin takes to the sky and drives the sun through the air to bring forth spring. The festival is one of hope and looks forward to the next year. You have found yourself in the city of Everfree for the Spring Rising. The markets are open, children play in the streets, and people know that as Aharin ascends the nightmares will diminish.

Arcadian Nights: Tales of the Magical Lands

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